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3R Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary
- Jul 05, 2018 -

3R Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. announced its 15th anniversary as the biggest ferric chloride manufacturer in China. Our company began as Huizhou 3R Environmental Chemical Co. Ltd. In 2003. In 2018, it has its new name 3R Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. In the last 15 years, we have been producing ferric chloride including ferric chloride liquid, ferric chloride hexahydrate and ferric chloride anhydrous and other ferric salt which is widely used in sewage treatment, used as dehydration of sludge, etching agent for printed circuit board... In recent years, we have sold our products to many different countries in the whole world. Our products have greatly protect our environment. Now we have become the leader in the ferric chloride for the environmental chemical market with unique perspectives and great service to its customers.

“3R Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. has experienced exceptional growth and development over the past 15 years,” said Mr. Ding, the CEO of 3R Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. when discussing the celebration, “Moving forward, our focus will remain on offering customized ferric chloride and other ferric salt solutions and making a better world for people around us.”

May 3R Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. have an even brighter future. We believe with the great effort of all the employees of 3R Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. and cooperation with our clients from the whole world, we’ll have our dreams come true.