Ferric chloride

  • Iron III Chloride

    Iron III Chloride

    Ferric chloride can be used for wastewater treatment, printing, etching, medicine and steel industry area.ferric chloride as water treatment agent has strong adaptability to various water quality, especially for high turbidity water coagulation and precipitation effect.

  • Ferric Chloride Etching

    Ferric Chloride Etching

    Ferric chloride made by 3R are strictly controlled in raw materials and production process, which guarantees the high quality, safety and stable performance of the products, and is well received by customers. Ferric chloride is popular and mainly used in water treatment including waste water treatment and drinking water treatment,sludge dehydration and pcb etching,etc.

  • Ferric Chloride Liquid

    Ferric Chloride Liquid

    Mainly used for 1. sewage treatment 2. dehydration of sludge 3. etching for printed circuit board 4. erosion of stainless steel 5. chlorination agent for metallurgic industry 6. oxidant and the dyeing agent for dyestuff industry 7. catalyzer and the oxidant for organic industry 8. raw material for manufacturing iron salt and pigment 9. additive of reagent for removing tin

  • Pcb Etching Solution Ferric Chloride

    Pcb Etching Solution Ferric Chloride

    Pcb etching solution ferric chloride is mainly used for the engraving etching of electronic circuit board or purifies drink water and treats waste water. Ferric chloride is also used to make other iron salts, oxidant, catalyst, mordant and ink.

  • Ferric Chloride Coagulant

    Ferric Chloride Coagulant

    Ferric chloride coagulant is made by polyaluminum chloride complexing with polymeric. Therefore, the molecular structure is enlarged; the capacity of neutralization and bridging adsorption is enhanced. It is an ideal chemical to treat heavily organic-polluted raw water as well as low-temperature and low-turbidity, low-temperature and high-turbidity water.

  • Ferric Salt

    Ferric Salt

    Ferric chloride occurs naturally as the mineral molysite. The compound is widely used to prepare a number of ferric salts.

  • Etching Stainless Steel With Ferric Chloride

    Etching Stainless Steel With Ferric Chloride

    Ferric chloride (iron III chloride, FeCl3, CAS No. 7705-08-0/ 10025-77-1) is mainly used in treatment of sewage and industrial wastes; etching agent for engraving, photography, and printed circuitry; condensation catalyst in mordant; oxidizing, chlorinating, and condensing agent; disinfectant; pigment; feed additive, etc.

  • Pharma Grade Ferric Chloride

    Pharma Grade Ferric Chloride

    Iron deficiency anemia (DA) is one of the four most serious nutritional diseases in the world, which seriously affects human health. Two billion people worldwide suffer from iron deficiency, ranking ninth among the risk factors affecting human health. According to statistics, at present, the incidence of iron deficiency anemia in China is as high as 15%-20%, and there are about 200 million people suffering from iron deficiency anemia and iron malnutrition, among which women and children are at high risk.

  • Ferric Chloride Flocculant

    Ferric Chloride Flocculant

    Potable water grade Ferric chloride flocculant products are divided into solid and liquid. Solid is light yellow powder. While liquid is yellow or light yellow. Ferric chloride flocculant is also commonly known as a water purifier or coagulant

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