Ferric chloride

  • Sewage Treatment Ferric Chloride / Chemicals

    Sewage Treatment Ferric Chloride / Chemicals

    Liquid ferric chloride is an efficient and cheap flocculant for the treatment of urban sewage and industrial wastewater.ferric chloride has obvious effects of precipitating heavy metals and sulfides, decoloring, deodorizing, degreasing, sterilizing, dephosphorizing, reducing COD and BOD of effluent.

  • Wastewater Treatment Ferric Chloride / Chemicals

    Wastewater Treatment Ferric Chloride / Chemicals

    Ferric chloride can effectively remove aluminium ions in source water and residual free aluminium ions after aluminium salt coagulation. Hydrolysis is fast and hydration is weak. The alum blossom formed is compact and the settling speed is fast. The effect of water temperature change is small, which can meet the requirement of generating shear force in the flow process.

  • Ferric Chloride in Wastewater Treatment

    Ferric Chloride in Wastewater Treatment

    Ferric chloride also named as iron chloride or iron III chloride as a high efficient ,Low energy consumption, low cost and non-toxic in organic ferric salt. It is widely used in water treatment, pcb etching, sludge dewatering, stainless steel corrosion, oxidant in the metallurgical industry, oxidant and mordant in dye industry, catalysts and oxidants for the organic industry, raw material of iron salt pigment, etc. Due to its strong adaptability to various water qualities, ferric chloride has a wide range of PH values as from 4-12, large flocculated particles, and faster settling speed.

  • Ferric Chloride For Pcb Etching

    Ferric Chloride For Pcb Etching

    Ferric Chloride is mainly used for electronic circuits board of mordants

  • Ferric Chloride

    Ferric Chloride

    Product Feature Ferric chloride is a kind of inorganic iron salt flocculant and etching agent with high efficiency, low consumption, low cost and without any poison. Ferric chloride is usually red or reddish brown. During the hydrolysis process it’s accompanied by electrochemical, coagulation, adsorption, precipitation and other physical and chemical processes. Because of its great adaptability to all kinds of water, wide range of applicable PH values, big flocculating particle, fast settling rate and many other functions like removing corrosion, sterilizing, deodorizing, decolonization, removing COD, TP, etc. Ferric chloride is widely used in the chemical enhanced phosphorus removal of urban domestic sewage, primary strengthening treatment of municipal sewage, treatment of sanitary sewage and industrial sludge, treatment of the sewage and sludge from different industries like printing, dyeing, textile, petroleum exploitation, refining, PCB etching and pharmaceutical process, etc.

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