Ferrous Chloride

  • Iron II Chloride

    Iron II Chloride

    Various types of wastewater, electroplating, leather wastewater treatment efficiency significantly; of wastewater and sewage in the removal of various heavy metal ions close to 100%; processing and low cost. It is the production of iron salt, iron oxide red, mordant wet method, in particular, high-quality materials ideal for red iron oxide.

  • FeCl2


    Product features Ferrous chloride (FeCl2) is green to yellow, soluble in water, ethanol and methanol. Ferrous chloride has a unique decolorization ability. It’s suitable for water treatment of dye intermediates, printing and dyeing, papermaking industry. Ferrous chloride can simplify water treatment process, shorten water treatment cycle and reduce water treatment cost. It has obvious treatment effect on all kinds of wastewater, electroplating, leather and papermaking wastewater. And the removal rate of all kinds of heavy metal ions in wastewater and sewage is close to 100%. It is an ideal agent for wastewater treatment because of its low cost.

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