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Ferric Chloride

Brand :3R

Product origin :Tangshan City , Hebei Province, China

Delivery time :15-30 days

Supply capacity :400,000tons/ year

Product Feature

Ferric chloride is a kind of inorganic iron salt flocculant and etching agent with high efficiency, low consumption, low cost and without any poison. Ferric chloride is usually red or reddish brown. During the hydrolysis process it’s accompanied by electrochemical, coagulation, adsorption, precipitation and other physical and chemical processes.

Because of its great adaptability to all kinds of water, wide range of applicable PH values, big flocculating particle, fast settling rate and many other functions like removing corrosion, sterilizing, deodorizing, decolonization, removing COD, TP, etc. Ferric chloride is widely used in the chemical enhanced phosphorus removal of urban domestic sewage, primary strengthening treatment of municipal sewage, treatment of sanitary sewage and industrial sludge, treatment of the sewage and sludge from different industries like printing, dyeing, textile, petroleum exploitation, refining, PCB etching and pharmaceutical process, etc.

The Features of Ferric Chloride 

The Ferric chloride of 3R is filtered by filter plate. After being filtered, the water-insoluble matters are greatly reduced. Ferric chloride is red or reddish brown. Ferric chloride is able to insure end users of unobstructed pipeline and enhance the use rate of the drugs, while it’s impossible to do so by natural subsidence. Besides, the heavy metals and other harmful substances of the Ferric chloride of 3R are all below the national standard.

Ferric chloride produced by 3R is usually divided into many grades, industrial grade, PCB etching grade, drinking water treatment grade, pharmaceutical grade, etc. The raw materials and production process of ferric chloride of 3R are both in strict control to guarantee the quality, security and stable performance of our products which are well received by our customers.


The Use of Ferric Chloride:

Ferric chloride is mainly used in sewage treatment, sludge dewatering, the etching of circuit board, the corrosion of stainless steel, the chlorination agents in metallurgical industry and the oxidants in the fuel industry, the oxidants and coal dyes in the fuel industry, the catalysts and oxidants in organic industry. Also ferric chloride is used as the raw materials of iron salt and pigment and formulating confect of reagent in treating tin.




















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