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Iron Chloride Tetrahydrate

Brand :3R

Product origin :Tangshan City, Hebei Province, China

Delivery time :15-30 days

Supply capacity :20,000 tons/ year

Ferrous chloride can be used as wastewater decolorizing agent in sewage treatment in printing and dyeing, paper making industry. Ferrous chloride has obvious treatment effect for all kinds of wastewater, electroplating, leather, paper making wastewater. Ferrous chloride can be directly used for sewage and waste water processing. As a reducing agent and coal dyeing agent, it can be widely used in textile printing and dyeing, pigment printing and dyeing, manufacturing and other industries. It can also be used in ultra-high pressure lubricating oil components, medicine, metallurgy and photography fields.

Usage and dosage

Ferrous chloride contains Fecl2 solution and FeCl2•4H2O. FeCl2•4H2O as solid product should not be directly used but used after it becomes liquid. When in use, the appropriate amount of ferrous chloride will be directly added to the wastewater, and quickly mixed to make it mix with the wastewater evenly. The general dosage is 0.5~5.0 kg/t of water. The specific conditions are determined by mixing test and production test.

Packaging and storage of ferrous chloride is to use special tank trucks, or plastic buckets. And for FeCl2•4H2O should be stored in woven plastic bags. Ferrous chloride must be stored in a special corrosion-resistant container with 3 months 'warranty for ferrous chloride crystals and 12 months' warranty for ferrous chloride liquids.

Speicifications of FeCl2•4H2O for Industrial Use





Light Green Crystal

Light Green Crystal

Fe2+, %           



Insoluble   substance, %     



SO42-,   %                



Fe3+, %



As, %                 

≤0.000 5

≤0.000 05

Pb, %                 


0.000 368

Hg, %                 

≤0.000 02

0.000 0045

Cd, %                 

≤0.000 5

0.000 024

Cr, %                 


0.002 1

Zn, %                 


0.003 5



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